Product Lines

Our product lines include the following range of products, many of which are stocked for immediate shipment.

Product Series 100:  All-Side Rollers

Functioning both as a wheel and as a roller, this unique-design conveyor component consists of smooth-turning barrel shaped rollers mounted on a patented-design wheel frame permiting light to heavy loads to be moved easily in any (360 degrees) desired direction.  Powered, 90 and 180 degree transfers are possible in small areas.  All-Side Rollers can be used anywhere smooth-surfaced packages or materials must be moved, turned, processed or transferred.  Corrosion-resistant and no maintenance required.

Available Types & Sizes:  40 to 120mm (1.5 to 4.7) Nominal Diameters
Gravity and Powered Versions
Polyamide-Plastic, Die-Cast Aluminum, Polyurethane Types

Product Series 200:  Miniature Rollers

Small-diameter rollers which were developed for small or lightweight product or package handling applications.  Quality-manufactured having Polyamide-Plastic bearing assemblies.  Stainless ball bearings and axles are standard.  No lubrication or maintenance required.  Spring-loaded axles for easy installation.  Quiet, smooth-operation, for close-center requirements.

Available Types & Sizes:  16 to 40mm (5/8 to 1.5) Nominal Diameters
100 to 600 (5 to 24) Nominal Lengths
Straight & Tapered (Polyamide & Vestimide-Plastic) Types
Gravity and Powered Versions
PVC-Plastic, Aluminum & Stainless-Steel Tubes

Product Series 300:  Washable Rollers

Product Series 400:  Miscellaneous Full-Size Rollers

Product Series 500:  Miscellaneous Custom-Built Materials Handling Equipment

All specifications subject to change without notice.  Custom roller lengths are available upon application.

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