All Side Rollers

Series 100

All-Side Rollers are a roller-wheel which permit 360 degree multi-directional movement of very light to heavy loads.  Use Anywhere flat-surface materials, products or loads have to be moved, turned, processed or transferred.

Compared to ball casters, inverted wheels or other multi-directional devices, ALL-SIDE ROLLERS are outstanding in performance & effectiveness and very durable.  They function quietly, are corrosion-resistant, maintenance-free, do not indent loads or develop “bearing-lock” from dust, dirt, grit or moisture;
...and they are low in cost

The Component:




All-Side Rollers consist of a unique one-piece frame design on which barrel-rollers are offset-mounted on each side.  This patented design permits ALL-SIDE ROLLERS to function both as a roller and as a wheel for 360 degree load maneuverability.  They require no assembly of  two wheels.

All-Side Rollers are available in various types of materials to handle a wide variety of materials, products and loads effectively and effciently.  Roller types for gravity or powered applications.

Durable and Dependable All-Side Rollers can contribute to improve plant productivity and efficiency in addition to ergonomic handling of loads.  They are in use in thousands of installations worldwide.  Unique, Versatile, Proven, ALL-SIDE ROLLERS permit use in hundreds of applications, such as in handling:

  • Air Freight Pallets & Containers
  • Corrugated Cartons
  • Electrical & Electronic Assemblies
  • Flat Glass & Stone
  • Paper, Lumber & Furniture Products
  • Pipe
  • Sheet Metals



Roller Types & Sizes:


Material Types               Applications              Size Range

Nylon                               General Purpose          ASR 40, 48, 60, 80, 120
Polyurethane                     Non-scratch, Good     ASR 40, 60, 80, 120
Die-Cast Aluminium           Heavy Duty                 ASR 80, 120

Roller Sizes (Nominal)
                                         ASR 40      48       60       80            120
Roller Capacity (lbs)                15        25       50      100         225-500

Inch Diameter                      1.5”          1.9”     2.3”    3.15”        4.7”
Axle Bore                            .315”           *.315”      .315”     .315”       12mm or .625”

Metric Diameter                    40
          48       60        80             120
Axle Bore (mm)                      8            8         8          8          12 or 16

Axle Bore (hex)                       -             -        .375”       .5625”       .75” or .875”
Axle Bore (hex)                     9mm         -       9mm    14mm    19 or 22mm
                                   * Bushing for .25” available

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